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On our trip we will be visiting schools and churches in the Zambia area. We will have several opportunities to share the Gospel to the lost. I am excited about what God is going to do in my life and in other people's lives through this ministry this summer.
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African Vision of Hope Christian School of Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
We will be traveling to Zambia,Africa from June 7 to June 19. We will be helping complete the House of Hope orphanage. We will also be visiting three out of the five African Vision of Hope schools.
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This July me and a few brothers n sister in Christ will be going over to Zambia, Africa to do the will of our Father!! I would really appreciate your prayers and financial support.
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Lusaka, Zambia
Ministering in Zambia to children and visiting their schools to show them the love of Jesus.  We will be putting beds together...hanging curtains, etc.  In the newly constructed residence.
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Silver Rest, Lusaka Province, Zambia
I turn 46 on Saturday April 21st, this year I want to give away my birthday to the girls boarding with African Vision of Hope
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