Ward’s Birthday Campaign

I turn 46 on Saturday April 21st, this year I want to give away my birthday to the girls boarding with African Vision of Hope
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About the Campaign

Many of us have no idea what it is like to have never experienced a birthday. Looking back across the years, I have great memories of childhood birthday parties, and even through my adult years I have some fond memories of Dawn actually pulling off a few surprise parties for me that I “really” didn’t know were coming.  (If you know my wife then you know the joy of sharing and giving immediately trump the satisfaction of secrets and waiting when it come to gifts…)

This year I turn 46 – I am blessed with all that God has given and done for me. So rather than card, notes, or any gifts, I want 100% of that to be given to an amazingly wonderful group of girls that board with African Vision of Hope. These girls would all tell you that before coming to African Vision of Hope, no one has ever celebrated their birthday, honestly many of them don’t even know when they were born. So this year I want them to have my birthday.

100% of what you give (any amount will help) will go directly to the Girls House of Hope. I  am blessed to be traveling in 6 weeks with a group that will be setting up all the furnishings and converting the building into the HOME these teen girls so desperately need.  These girls truly need your help – with your help we can really bless these girls.

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